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Nestled in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge there resides a true celebrity of the aquatic world - Herman the Sturgeon. Over 80 years old, weighing in at over 500 pounds, and more than 10 feet long, Herman is a sight to behold. Attracting visitors from all over to see his grandeur, Herman lives at the Sturgeon Interpretive and Viewing Center at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery, just down the highway from the brewery in Cascade Locks.

The Pacific Northwest is home to two species of sturgeon — white sturgeon and green sturgeon. Having barely changed since the Jurassic Period, sturgeon today face numerous challenges, particularly habitat loss and declining water quality. The Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s efforts to protect and conserve wildlife species, including sturgeon, are crucial for maintaining the balance of both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and preserving the biodiversity that makes Oregon a special place. Herman serves as a testament to the importance of those conservation efforts. 


We worked in collaboration with Oregon Wildlife Foundation to honor Herman's legacy with a special IPA crafted with regional, environmentally responsible ingredients from mission-driven suppliers to raise awareness for OWF’s conservation efforts. 

For this IPA we chose to use ingredients from responsible producers and suppliers that have a direct and positive impact on rivers that sturgeon call home. We used malt from Mainstem Malt, a company that works with farmers in the Columbia River Basin to grow and supply Salmon-Safe grains for beer. The hops from Crosby Hops are all Salmon-Safe hops as well. Salmon-Safe is an eco-based certification with a focus on protecting water quality and wildlife habitat across the West Coast. Being labeled Salmon-Safe means the farms that grew the ingredients have adapted watershed-friendly and climate resilient stewardship practices that protect important wildlife.

June 22, 2024 is Herman’s birthday celebration, and not-coincidentally it’s also the day we release this beer. We recommend first heading over to the Sturgeon Interpretive and Viewing Center for Herman’s birthday celebration from 10:00am - 1:00pm and then heading over to Hood River for lunch and a High Five, Herman! IPA. 

After Herman’s birthday we should have the beer on tap for a good month and it will also be available on draft at specialty beer bars throughout the state.

Oregon Wildlife Foundation has started a fundraising campaign to upgrade The Sturgeon Interpretive and Viewing Center and conduct some much needed repairs. To support OWF’s important work, please consider making a direct donation.


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