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We’ve partnered up with Earth To Beer, a national Earth Day beer campaign that asks breweries to make beer with environmentally responsible ingredients and to give back to environmental nonprofits. We’ve joined on with 35 other breweries across the country, each making a unique brew that contributes to protecting the planet. 

Our beer is an American Pale Ale, brewed with malt from Mainstem Malt in Walla Walla and hops from Yakima Chief Hops, a supplier of the highest quality hops from Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

The hops and malt are all sourced from farms with a Salmon-Safe certification, which is a special designation for farmers and urban developers that adapt watershed-friendly and climate resilient stewardship practices. Why is this important? Salmon are a keystone species in the Pacific Northwest, meaning they play a crucial role in maintaining the health of ecosystems. Conventional agriculture can cause a lot of negative watershed impact. More than 80% of US hops are sourced out of Pacific Northwest watersheds so it’s great that many farmers are switching to Salmon-Safe practices that promote stream buffers and wetlands, water conservation, prevention of runoff from fields, integrated pest management and water quality protection, and enhancement of landscape-level biodiversity — all things that salmon need to thrive.

Sourcing responsibly is half the intention behind this beer. The other half is in giving back to an environmental nonprofit. Our Earth To Beer contribution benefits the work of Adventures Without Limits.

Adventures Without Limits is awesome. We knew they were awesome but when we brought them to Hood River to help brew this beer, we really got a deep dive into the depths of their work. Like us, they believe in the power of spending time in nature to improve the mental, physical, and social health of our community. They create outdoor recreation programs that are welcoming and inclusive for people who typically face barriers to access in the outdoors. They do this because unfortunately, outdoor recreation is not always accessible, affordable, or a safe and welcoming space for all people.

Their programs are led by skilled guide teams who work with people from diverse life experiences. The guides are experts of adaptive outdoor recreation equipment as well. They partner with more than 40 other nonprofit organizations, school groups, and rehabilitation facilities, to connect thousands of youth and adults to the outdoors in Oregon each year who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to explore the natural beauty of our state.

So if you come to our Hood River taproom in April, grab a pint and take home a 4-pack of Earth To Beer. The beer will also  be available throughout our distribution and we even have some special events coming up:



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