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Zoom 12°Pils Czech Lager
Zoom 12°Pils Czech Lager

12°Pils Czech Lager

Pilsners hold a special place in the world of beer. Despite its intriguing history, complete with yeast smuggled out of Bavaria by monks, and a noble hop variety whose exportation was punishable by death, the delicate, pure, floral character of pilsner seated it firmly as the most popular beer style in the world. Ferment 12° Czech Pils uses barley raised and malted in Bohemia and the revered Saaz hop grown in Czech Republic brewed with the naturally soft and pure water from Mount Hood to achieve a truly authentic European lager.

As far as Pilsners go Ferment 12° Pils is especially food friendly in that it is full bodied and possesses a balance of Bohemian maltiness and the noble Saaz hop. Caesar salad, white fish from sole to monkfish, and nearly anything made with chicken - particularly dishes leaning toward lemon and cream all come to life under this benevolent ruler.

5.0% ABV

500ml bottle & Draft

Available Year Round

12°Pils Czech Lager

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