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We’re excited to announce the release of our Knot Springs Nilgiri Black Tea Kombucha, which is made in partnership with Knot Springs, a Portland-based company known around the country as the premier wellness social club. Knot Springs provides sweeping views of the Portland skyline while visitors enjoy three soaking pools. They also offer meditation and movement courses, a gym with a variety of strength classes, multiple modalities of massage treatments, and community events.

Since opening, our brewery has been committed to health and wellness with draft kombucha being a centerpiece of our repertoire. Our restaurant sources local ingredients from farms and ranches to incorporate pickled and fermented items into every dish — down to kombucha ketchup and hot sauce. We host weekly run club events and we welcome visitors across the region that are seeking a greater connection to nature, whether that’s through kiteboarding, enjoying the bounty of the Northwest via the Fruit Loop, hiking Dog Mountain trail, or mountain biking around Mt. Hood.

Allie Lurie, the Director of Engagement at Knot Springs said she’s “thrilled to join forces with Ferment Brewing to bring a heartfelt collaboration that provides a healthy beverage to our members, guests, and the broader community. The kombucha truly supplements our experiences and is the perfect beverage to enjoy on our patio after a Springs experience.

The kombucha is refreshingly effervescent and lightly tart. The recipe was designed to bring the true flavor profile of the fermented Nilgiri tea to the forefront with a cantaloupe, honey, apple cider and ginger character followed by a dry, thirst quenching finish. It’s available in 12oz 6-pack cans.

We will have more kombucha in the future too, so stay tuned for details!


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