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Welcome to The Brewmaster's Journal, a new blog from Ferment Brewing Company. Here, Brewmaster Dan Peterson will share the backstory and process behind our beers. Check back for monthly updates to learn more about what goes on in our Hood River, Oregon brewery.


Growing up in Vermont, Dan spent nearly as much time in the woods as anywhere else. An interest in life sciences led him to study Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and earn a degree at the University of Vermont. Long days in the lab were balanced by a scientific approach to home brewing on the weekends.

After a cross-country road trip, Dan returned home determined to be a brewer of great beer. The following eight years saw Dan develop his brewing and beer lab-guy skill at the Brooklyn Brewery, start a family, and move to Hood River. He brewed two and a half years at Full Sail before joining pFriem as their first Head Brewer. As Brewmaster at Ferment, Dan oversaw the building of Ferment’s beautiful brewery and loves sharing his love of good food and drink with all.


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